3 Ways to Eliminate Gaps Between the Teeth

eliminating Gaps in teeth

The 3 most common ways to get rid of dental gaps are veneers, clear aligners, and crowns. At Wolter Advanced Dental Care in Chambersburg, PA, a team of specialists can help you meet your dental needs and cosmetic dentistry goals.

How Do Veneers Help Eliminate Gaps In Your Teeth?

Porcelain veneers are custom-made, tooth-colored shells that cover the front of your teeth. They correct or camouflage misaligned, damaged, or discolored teeth. Veneers are not the right treatment to close large gaps between teeth, but they work effectively on small gaps. These gaps are closed by placing oversized veneers on the two teeth closest to the gap. This creates the appearance of there being no gap and it is a great solution for people who have gaps in the front portion of their mouths. Porcelain veneers offer the following benefits to our clients: 

1. Require very little enamel removal 

2. Prevent discoloration

3. Not high maintenance

4. Quick solution for cosmetic issues

How SureSmile Helps Eliminate Excess Space Between Teeth

A free-gap smile with SureSmile can make you smile from the inside out. SureSmile, the clear orthodontic treatment for any age, fits comfortably and easily into your lifestyle, without the discomfort of brackets. At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, SureSmile is designed with the use of a digital scan and made for you with precision to ensure it is the perfect fit for your mouth. Based on the size of your gap and cosmetic goals we will outline a treatment plan for you.  SureSmile compared to other alignment treatments offers the following benefits:

  • No dietary restrictions 

  • Better control over your treatment

  • You can get the smile you want in less time 

  • Fewer dental office visits

Did You Know That Crowns Help Get Rid Of Gaps?

A Dental crown is an effective way to fill excess spaces between your teeth and help restore your smile if you have missing or decayed teeth. A dental crown offers a permanent solution that helps restore your biting and chewing ability. At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, we are one of the few offices to offer Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC). This procedure simply means you can have your crown prepared and placed on the same day! A single visit crown. The procedure offers the following benefits:

1. Restore the function of your teeth immediately.

2. Prevents injury.

3. Saves you time and money

Traditional crowns are still widely used as a great solution for getting rid of gaps, but modern techniques like CEREC are more practical. A significant downside to a traditional crown is that it demands two dental visits. During the first visit, the tooth is prepared, and scans are taken, but you will leave our office with a temporary crown that cannot stand normal pressure. The scans are sent to a lab, where the crown is created and then shipped to our office. This process takes about 3 weeks to complete.

Why Should I Fix My Tooth Gaps?

If gaps are not corrected there can be negative consequences including:

  • Being embarrassed to smile

  • Misaligned teeth

  • Extra bacterial growth and plaque build-up from misaligned teeth

  • Periodontal disease

  • Trouble biting, chewing, or swallowing

  • Gingival inflammation from food accumulating under unprotected gum between the teeth

Am I The Right Candidate For A Tooth Gap Treatment? 

If you have a tooth gap that you want to fix you are a good candidate for one of these treatments. The treatment you receive depends on several factors including: 

  • Size of the gap

  • Your dental goals

  • Your overall oral health 

  • Chewing and teeth-grinding habits

  • Remaining tooth enamel & health of the tooth

  • The location of the gap

Whether you are missing a tooth or want to close a tooth gap, the experts at Wolter Advanced Dental Care offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments that fit your smile goals and budget. Give us a call and schedule your appointment by calling (717) 496-9093.