Meet the Doctors

Owner of WADC & Primary Dentist

Dr. Michael D. Wolter

As a dental professional, my first priority is providing quality care to my patients.  My profession allows me the opportunity to use my skills to help improve dental function and treat dental disease, thereby improving the quality of life of my patients.  I love what I do because I am able to develop positive relationships with people I have come to know and care about, and improve their dental health and overall well-being.  I learn a lot from my patients, which helps to better me as an individual and as a dentist.

I am particularly fulfilled when I am able to help someone smile with confidence and ease; someone who hasn’t been able to do so before. Whether they haven’t had access to gentle, effective dental care, or have dental-related anxiety, when I am able to assist them move into a new phase of their life, I feel rewarded. One of the services I feel most strongly about is being able to relieve a patient’s pain. Dental issues can cause horrible pain and discomfort, and when I am able to alleviate that, and the person can breathe freely again, going about their regular daily routine without that distraction, I know I’ve done well.

Education and Continuing Education

I am always open to continuing education opportunities, wherever and whenever they arise. Dentistry and the oral healthcare field change on an almost daily basis, and I am excited to offer my patients the opportunity to experience the most up-to-date technologies and treatment techniques available. They deserve nothing less than the best, so I stay on the leading edge of dental knowledge through participation in conferences, lectures, seminars, and other offerings.

Professional Affiliations

Personal Life

I am a native of Roanoke, VA, and moved to Greencastle, PA in 2009 to start my career in dentistry. I have grown to love the area and the community, often attending sports events and many of the other activities this beautiful area has to offer with my wife, Anne, and two children, Bradley and Charlotte. We started our family in 2010 with our son, Bradley, and in 2015 our family grew once more with our daughter, Charlotte. My favorite times are those spent with my family, but I also enjoy playing the piano or a good volleyball game, taking on home improvement projects, and following the Miami Dolphins.

As a dentist, I feel compelled to share my knowledge and skills with our community, help those less fortunate, and educate community members about dental health.

Associate Dentist

Dr. Sneha Parikh

When I entered the field of dentistry, I had no idea how incredibly fulfilling it would be to help those with oral health issues.  Over the years, I’ve learned that a winning smile is invaluable to a person’s confidence and well-being.  It is incredibly important to me to help someone feel comfortable and happy in their own skin, and a smile is at the forefront of those feelings.  Nothing says happiness better than a genuine smile.

While I enjoy the work, my favorite part of dentistry is the personal interactions and relationships I build with patients, especially converting a dental phobic into someone comfortable in the chair, which is extremely rewarding to me.  This focus on relationships is a big part of why I joined Dr. Wolter’s office, where relationships are at the heart of the practice.

Education and Continuing Education

  • Bachelor of Biology, University of Pittsburgh
  • Doctorate of Dental Medicine, University of Pittsburgh

Graduating from Waynesboro High School in 1994, I knew I wanted to do something that would make a difference in peoples’ lives, and that led me to the University of Pittsburgh, where I earned my undergraduate degree.  During my program, I realized that dental medicine was the path for me.  Helping people has always been a passion of mine, and it seemed like a perfect fit.  Education is important to me, and I continue to grow and learn in my profession to help provide the best possible care to my patients.

Personal Life

I am a native of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, but I have moved a bit in my dental career, from Waynesboro to Massachusetts and then back to Chambersburg, PA. I love the area and community, and enjoy the outdoors, especially hiking with my partner Chris.  He and I and our two dogs, Lucy and Thor, enjoy a quiet, comfortable life together in our home. 

In addition to hiking, I also enjoy cooking new recipes, playing word games, reading fiction, and watching the Steelers win.