Can You Benefit From A Tooth Extraction?

Can You Benefit From A Tooth Extraction?

Your dentist wants to help you keep all your natural teeth for life. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In some cases, one or more teeth will need to be extracted. Wolter Advanced Dental Care will explain some of the benefits you can enjoy after undergoing this treatment.

Tooth Extraction 

One of the standard dental procedures is tooth extraction. This treatment is an invasive method of pulling a tooth out of its socket. The two types of tooth extractions are simple and dental procedures. A simple procedure is applied to patients whose affected teeth are visible and ready for extraction.  During a surgical extraction, a general dentist or oral surgeon will make a small incision in your gum. You may need to remove bone around the tooth or cut the tooth before the tooth is extracted. Although tooth extraction can be painful, your dentist or oral surgeon can relieve this pain with a local anesthetic and sedative during the extraction procedure. This extraction procedure usually can take up to 2 hours. Only a dentist can confirm you need to have a tooth pulled, but general signs include: 

  • Severe toothache

  • Jaw pain or stiffness

  • Swollen gums around only one or two teeth

  • Pain that gets worse when you bite or chew

Benefits of A Tooth Extraction

If your dentist recommends having your teeth pulled after a consultation, here are some possible reasons why you would benefit from a tooth extraction. 

  • You would be rid of pain. People with toothaches often visit the dentist. The cause is usually obvious, such as a stuck object or tooth decay. These simple problems are easy to solve. In other cases, you may have an infection that has reached the root of the tooth. If it is not treated in time, it will bring more pain to the patient. If the severity of the dental problem is high, tooth extraction is the only way to eliminate the discomfort.

  • You can save your remaining teeth. A major risk that dentists try to avoid is the spread of decay or infection to surrounding teeth. When a tooth is highly deteriorated, more dental treatment and more complex procedures will be necessary. For this reason, tooth extraction is necessary to stop the infection from spreading to other teeth and possibly to surrounding tissue and bone.

  • In cases where it is necessary, a tooth extraction would address the actual problem. Tooth infections can spread quickly and make treatment difficult. In such cases, the problem becomes more complex and requires more dental intervention. Delaying treatment also prolongs the patient’s discomfort. At this stage, the damage to the tooth is already serious and irreversible. Of course, the only cure is the extraction of the tooth itself.

  • With a tooth extraction, you can make room for a beautiful smile. In some cases, dentists may recommend tooth extraction even when there is no problem. As with orthodontics, some patients experience misaligned teeth due to overcrowding. This means that the patient’s mouth can accommodate more teeth, or the teeth are too large to fit in the mouth. The solution, of course, is to extract one tooth and let the other teeth fit into their correct position. This ultimately leads to a more beautiful smile.

A Tooth Extraction At Wolter Advanced Dental Care 

It may seem scary, but the thought of dental extraction shouldn’t stop you from getting the right care. At  Wolter Advanced Dental Care in Chambersburg, PA, we will make sure that your tooth extraction is as comfortable as possible.  If you need to have your missing teeth replaced, Dr. Michael Wolter is ready to give your smile a boost and replace your missing teeth with dentures, implants, dental crowns, and bridges. Call 717-496-9093 to make an appointment with our experienced team.