How long do fillings last?

Patient Visiting Dentist For Regular Check-up And Filling

Wolter Advanced Dental Care provides a variety of dental health services to address a wide range of oral health issues. Dr. Wolter is your expert for all things dental and placing dental fillings is something that happens every day. Dental fillings provide protection for your teeth and come in many different materials and finishes. If you are concerned about the health of your teeth, gums, or tongue, Dr. Wolter and the experienced staff at Wolter ADC are ready to provide world-class dental care for you and your family.

What Are Dental Fillings?

When decay erodes the tooth enamel and creates a small hole in the tooth, the hole is called a cavity. Dr. Wolter can intervene and take preventative measures before the decay worsens and becomes more serious.

A dental filling is used when a patient has one or more cavities. Dr. Wolter will remove the decayed tooth material and fill the space with a filling material to protect it from getting deeper or causing more discomfort.

Filling Materials

Common dental filling materials are gold, porcelain, silver mixed with other metals, or tooth-colored fillings. Depending on the location of the cavity, Dr. Wolter may recommend a certain material that can better withstand the pressure and force created by your strong jaw. For cavities closer to the front of your mouth and your ‘smile line’, Wolter Advanced Dental Care is proud to offer tooth-colored fillings to keep your teeth looking beautiful and natural. 

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

Fillings will have different durability properties and longevity. For instance, an amalgam filling made from a mixture of metals is extremely strong. These fillings are usually placed on teeth closer to the rear of the mouth to handle the strength of your bite. Will proper oral care, you can expect these fillings to last 12-15 years before needing replacement.

Composite fillings are the tooth-colored fillings that cover cavities on teeth closer to the front of your mouth. These filings are durable, but not as strong as amalgam fillings. You can expect these fillings to last between 10-12 years without a problem.

It is important to clarify that fillings require regular maintenance just like your teeth do. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits can make sure that your fillings last as long as possible. Bad oral hygiene or habits like clenching and grinding will lower the lifespan of a filling. Talk to Dr. Wolter or a Wolter ADC staff member if you are experiencing issues with grinding and clenching and find out how a dental device can help you.

How Does The Wolter Advanced Dental Care Dental Guarantee Apply To Dental Fillings?

You may not have heard of a Dental Guarantee, but as part of our dedication to offering an excellent experience with every visit, Wolter ADC is proud to offer a 3-year Dental Guarantee on dental fillings. So long as our patients abide by The Patient Commitment, we can stand by our risk-free Dental Guarantee.

If you have had issues with another dental care provider and are ready to find your lifetime family dentist, you will be glad to know that we take our patient care and experience very seriously. Speak to a Wolter Advanced Dental Care representative to schedule your appointment today.