How Do You Know If You Need Teeth Whitening?

teeth whitening

If you look at yourself in photos or observe yourself in the mirror, and find yourself dissatisfied with your smile, perhaps one investment that could improve your confidence is teeth whitening. But what are common causes or reasons for people to seek teeth whitening? Read on to find common but little-known causes of yellowing teeth […]

What Are The Benefits Of Teeth Whitening?

Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic procedure. While good oral hygiene has a number of benefits to keep you and your teeth healthy and strong, cosmetic dental procedures go even further by giving you full control of your appearance. Find out more about how the specialists at Wolter Advanced Dental Care can help keep […]

How long do dental implants last?

Young Woman With Dental Implant

According to the American Dental Association, in the last 40 years, dental implants have become one of the most recommended dental solutions for permanent tooth replacement. At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, our team provides a variety of oral health services to address a wide range of issues and concerns.  What Are Dental Implants? Dental Implants […]

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Equipments

At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, we make your comfort and care our priority. We know that some people fear dental procedures, and we want to change that with the help of advanced technology. Our Gemini Laser technology is designed with patients in mind. This high-powered laser ensures less pain during procedures, a decrease in bleeding, […]


Computer screen with high precision digital jaw print on it

A confident smile can make for a confident you. SureSmile, the clear orthodontic treatment for all ages, fits comfortably and easily into your lifestyle, without the discomfort of brackets. At Wolter Advanced Dental Care, SureSmile is designed with the use of a digital scan, and made for you with precision to ensure it fits perfectly, […]

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Purble apnea board on white background

What is Sleep Apnea? Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder that happens when your breathing stops and resumes while you sleep. Without proper treatment, it can cause something as small as loud snoring or as life-threatening as heart disease. Most cases of sleep apnea are non-life-threatening and can be solved by a special device recommended […]

Treatment for Snoring

Close-up of woman wearing orthodontic silicone trainer

What is snoring & Why does it Happen? Everyone knows what snoring sounds like. Even children make snoring sounds when they pretend to sleep. The reality is that millions of people suffer from snoring and sleep apnea. Even if you recognize what snoring sounds like, you may now know why it occurs. Snoring happens when […]

Oral Cancer Screening

Man smiling in mirror

Over 53,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. Considering most people typically visit the dentist more often than a family doctor, we take oral cancer screening very seriously. We make sure to examine all areas of the mouth and the surrounding tissue for pathology. Combined with CBCT, we can spot suspicious areas […]

Pediatric Dentistry

Little girl sitting in the dentists office

Families are very important at Wolter Advanced Dental Care, which is why we treat patients of all ages, including children. In our experience, kids respond more positively to a “no surprise” type of atmosphere. We utilize the philosophy of tell, show, do, so that children are aware of what is happening. The goal is to […]

Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures

What Are Digital Dentures? Dentures are a great solution for tooth loss. While traditional dentures are still a great option, advances in dental technology have created a new solution using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). In keeping with modern, minimally invasive dental methods, the Wolter Advanced Dental Care team has added Digital Dentures […]